Diamond Jewellery

Dubai based Dhamani jewellery is one of the top ranked Dubai diamond jewellery dealers for multiple reasons. At first, Dhamani Jewellery was dealing with high quality Dubai diamond jewellery and then they were awarded with the licence to be the sole producers and sellers of Dubai’s one and only diamond cut the world famous Dubai [...]

Jewellery Shopping Dubai

Dubai is definitely one jewellery capital of the world. The Middle Eastern city has build out a great reputation to be a hub for international and Dubai jewellery sellers and manufactures also by giving jewellery manufacturers the possibility to reside and work in Dubai, in a very special complex, which is partly a hub of [...]

Dubai Gold Shopping

Dubai is the paradise for those who want to spend most of their time with the shopping of all sorts of gold, silver, platinum, palladium or any other sorts of jewellery that exist. Practically the whole international variety of jewellery, as the result of the work of thousands of the best goldsmiths, can be bought [...]

Dubai Furniture Shopping

Although Dubai is not famous for its furniture stores but of course, furniture shopping is a thing that everyone needs and there are plenty of local brands that can serve perfectly when it comes to buying furniture for you. In this article, we would like to represent you with some of the most popular brands [...]

Dubai Watches Shopping

Damas Jewellery is definitely the biggest Dubai watches and jewellery brand of Dubai. Established by a Syrian dissident and jewellery maker, Damas is still a family firm that is doing its best to represent and to save its values for the future. Damas has an enormous variety in terms of Dubai watches, international and [...]

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