Diamond Jewellery

Dubai based Dhamani jewellery is one of the top ranked Dubai diamond jewellery dealers for multiple reasons. At first, Dhamani Jewellery was dealing with high quality Dubai diamond jewellery and then they were awarded with the licence to be the sole producers and sellers of Dubai’s one and only diamond cut the world famous Dubai Cut, which this way can be only bought in the stores of Dhamani in Dubai.

According to the licence of Dubai Cut, the rare cut was created with multiple targets. The first target was to create a diamond cut that could lead Dubai to the international jewellery market. The second target was, to bring more and more customers to Dubai, with the help and participation of Dubai Cut and Dhamani Jewellery’s high profile Dubai diamond jewellery. Therefore, the Dubai Cut is one cut that is solely made by one brand and it is never to be sold outside of Dubai, only in the stores of Dhamani. The Dubai cut by Dhamani represents a very rare 99 facet cut, which is to represent the 99 names of Allah, according to Muslim holy book: the Quran. Dhamani Jewellery ever since holds this role and due to the rare nature of Dubai Cut, the number of its visitors have tripled if not quadrupled ever since the Dubai Cut was represented on the Dubai Diamond jewellery market. Dhamani deals with the highest quality diamonds imported by mainly Russia, in an already perfectly polished form. Other than high quality diamond jewellery, Dhamani also deals with highly exclusive loose diamonds and loose gemstones in different cuts and quality. They offer the GIA and IGI certificate along their diamonds.

Dhamani Jewellery’s other signature stone is the Blue Diamond, which is an extremely rare natural form and fancy colour when talking about diamonds, which are more likely to be yellow than blue. Other than its high quality Dubai diamond jewellery, Dhamani also deals with other precious gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emeralds and their collection of high quality pearl jewellery is also outstanding. Apart from their precious gemstone collection, Dhamani has realised the sheer beautiful of some of the most expensive semi-precious gemstones such as Tanzanite, Aquamarine or Tourmalite and they have some extremely beautiful fancy coloured collections. They import their gemstones from the best gemstone mining regions such as Sri Lanka and Burma. The Dubai diamond jewellery of Dhamani Jewellery is extremely high profile as you will see, if you have the chance to visit one beautiful showroom of Dhamani jewellery.

Dhamani is among the few jewellers which deal with Dubai diamond jewellery especially for men too, which generally means beautiful and exceptionally expensive pieces of diamond studded watches and rings especially for men. As to their location, you can find Dhamani Jewellery in Dubai at about twenty locations. They can be found in almost every single shopping mall and of course they have a showroom in the world famous Dubai Gold Souk. Don’t miss out to see the exceptional Dubai Diamond Jewellery which Dhamani Jewellery offers you.

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