Dubai Carpet Shopping

Dubai, a city of contrasts, nestling on the shores of the turquoise wares of the Arabian Gulf. A modern and cosmopolitan city that is a hub of international trade and commerce in this oil rich region of the world. In addition, a city that has strong ties to the traditions of the Middle East, both culturally and economically. The treasures of the Arab world are having an impact of the way that people decorate and furnish their homes. If you’re on vacation in Dubai then you’ll want to purchase at least one of the many beautiful and authentic Persian and Arab carpets that are on sale here. Carpet shopping is one of the top things to do in Dubai.

Dubai carpet shopping is an experience and because Dubai has no sales tax and operate a duty free zone for tourists, you’ll be assured of getting the best price. The caveat to that is that you have to haggle, bargain and talk your way into the best deal! Dubai is one of the best places to find authentic Persian carpets without having to visit Iran, and the best places to find them are in the cobbled streets and quaint traditional shops of the souk. If it is your first time though, you might want to visit one of the bigger carpets shops found in the modern malls.

Dubai carpet shopping can be a lot of fun and you’ll certainly learn a lot about this ancient art. The best carpets are Persian and they are handmade with silk thread. From traditional carpets that are hundreds of years old, to the striking modern designs, each authentic carpet will have the signature of the artist woven into the pattern of the carpet. Traditional carpets, tell a story of the tribe and family who have created the masterpiece.

When you are ready to indulge in a little Dubai carpet shopping, then you must choose with care. From dhurries, which as casual throw rugs for the floor usually made of cotton, to the artistic treasures of a Persian carpet, which you would hang as an artwork in your home, the number of knots, the size of the carpet and the dyes of the threads evaluate the quality of carpets. Silk carpets have a much higher value than other types of carpet. The family name of the artists can also raise the price by quite a lot as they are considered artistic pieces.

When you purchase your carpet, you must make sure that you are given a Certificate of Authentication which is a guarantee from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which will not only ensure that your carpet is worth what you have paid for it, as well as the quality. To get the best deal on a carpet in Dubai, you will have to bargain as much as possible. Do not ever pay the first price that you are quoted, and don’t feel obliged to buy a carpet, from the most friendly carpet trader. They will roll out the royal treatment for every customer, and you should definitely shop around for the best deal before you purchase a carpet. If you do your research, you’ll be rewarded with a fine example of this art.

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