Dubai Gold Shopping

Dubai is the paradise for those who want to spend most of their time with the shopping of all sorts of gold, silver, platinum, palladium or any other sorts of jewellery that exist. Practically the whole international variety of jewellery, as the result of the work of thousands of the best goldsmiths, can be bought in Dubai, the City of Gold and Black Gold in the same time. Jewellery is among the most popular items when it comes to shopping in Dubai.

When you arrive in this extreme Middle Eastern metropolis, you will surely be amazed of how huge Dubai is and how many shopping possibilities there are, if you go out to look around. Each one of the huge Dubai shopping malls have their own jewellery sections offering Western or Oriental type of gold or silver jewelleries, not to mention all the different gold alloys that nowadays have become extremely trendy. The great thing in jewellery is that jewellery is a colourful product that can be manufactures in thousands on different ways and they can be worn on many different body parts. All the earrings, braces, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras or rings have thousands of different outlooks. This made both the art of jewellery making and also the jewellery business to remain popular throughout the centuries. Jewellery style represents different cultures, different ages and as an art; it has been reinvented several times to keep it up to date. Let us now see where to see or buy the best quality gold jewellery and gemstones in Dubai.

Out of Dubai shopping malls, the best places to see loads of jewellery stores include the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates and last but not least, the BurJuman Shopping Centre. If you are an avid shopper of jewellery and a big fan of gold, you should not miss visiting the famous Gold Souk of Dubai. This magical place is a labyrinth of streets including three hundred stores selling only and exclusively jewellery. The Gold Souk is not solely a bazaar: it has gold themed shopping centre and there is no jeweller with name in the business who does not have a shop here. This includes the biggest Dubai brands, such as the Damas, the Joyalukkas, and the Pure Gold Jewellers among so many other well-known brands in Dubai.

The Dubai jewellery business is the most flourishing business of Dubai governed by the newly found DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) the target of Dubai is to become the primary jewellery and gemstone dealers of the world. The yearly-organised Dubai International Jewellery Week also has the aims of representing Dubai as the host this major jewellery fair giving local jewellers the opportunity to get some great business deal with international sellers. Even jewellery shopping is available for those who take part in the event as visitors.

The best weeks for Dubai gold jewellery shopping are without doubt the shopping festivals of Dubai, one held in the winter and the Dubai Summer Surprises going on for almost two months in the summer ending with the beginning of the holy season of Ramadan. Shopping malls and every shops offer great discounts in these periods that has become well known all around the world.

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