Dubai Jewelry Shopping

If you have a penchant for some jewels and fine jewelry, then you need to experience all that the Dubai jewelry business has to offer you. It is truly one of the marvels of a visit to Dubai and the best bargains and most fascinating designs in jewelry can be found in this small kingdom in the Middle East. The jewelry trade is big business for Dubai and some of the world’s top designers and jewelers have a connection to Dubai.

One of the most fascinating ways to see the jewelry industry while you are on vacation in Dubai is to spend some time in the Dubai gold souks. An area that has over 300 traders and high-end jewelry stores, you’ll be fascinated with the range and array of fine jewels and jewelry that is on offer. Dubai is one of the cheapest cities in the world to purchase jewelry, as there is no sales tax levied on jewelry and Dubai has created a free trade area so you can be assured that the prices you pay will be much less than anywhere in the world. Dubai has been a trader in gold and gold jewelry since the early 1900’s when the gold souk was established. Today the Dubai jewelry industry is a booming part of the economy for Dubai.

Other parts of Dubai that have an excellent reputation for fine jewelry at great prices are the newly built Gold and Diamond Park, Gold, centre and the New Gold Souk Center. The Gold and Diamond Park is located between the airport and the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai and is a collection of retailers and manufacturing jewelers that offer duty free jewelry to the public. Here you can learn about the art and craft of jewelry design and shop in secure surroundings for that elusive treasure. You can choose your gemstones and have them set into a design that will reflect your taste and pocket. You should also consider investing on some of the traditional designs that Dubai is famous for as they are unique, original and will have people talking about them for ages.

Dubai jewelry has a certain cachet that it has developed over the years for being of an extremely high quality. The diamonds that are available for purchase have turned Dubai into the 4th largest diamond trade center in the world and any stones that you buy are certified and of the highest quality. Most hotels will have a taxi service that can take you to the gold souk and to the more modern centers for Dubai jewelry design and manufacture, so you can be assured of getting there easily and safely. Many of the big name jewelers have establishments in more than one place, so you don’t have to travel too far to find some of the finest examples of gold and jewelry in the world.

From big name brands, to intimate traders in the cobbled streets of the traditional gold souk, you will be amazed and thrilled by the range of precious jewelry that you can find in Dubai. A piece of Dubai jewelry will be a reminder of your vacation and an excellent investment, this is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai, you shouldn’t miss!

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