Dubai Lingerie Shopping

While it may not be considered a traditional item that you would find on the shelves on stores in the city of Dubai, there is an increasing trend among the fashionable and wealthy set in the Middle East to indulge in some serious lingerie shopping. The trend has been for many years that the stores not display any models or pictures of scantily clad women in revealing underwear. Even though the stains and silks of the famous lingerie brand might not be found in the windows of stores of many of the stores in this city, you will certainly be able to find some trousseau treasures, if you know where to look.

Dubai is a city of contrasts, and will forever be linked by tradition to the ancient culture and by technology to the modern western world. The tourist zones in the city are a great place to indulge in getting some great lingerie at prices that are out of this world. Because lingerie Dubai is not taxed, you will not pay any sales tax on each item that you purchase, which means that you can get some awesome lingerie while you are on your vacation.

Many of the big brand names in lingerie are well represented in stores that sell lingerie Dubai. From La Perla and La Senza, to the racier brands of Agent Provocateur, you will find all of these brands at most of the big shopping centers in Dubai. The famous Italian brand of lingerie and swimwear ‘Parah’ is to be found at the Burjman Center in Dubai. They offer a private an intimate shopping experience for all of their visitors, and you will be able to slip into some of the world’s most beautiful lingerie and underwear.

Buying lingerie Dubai is like slipping in to a fantasy of Arabian nights and with the range of colors to choose from you will be able to find that perfect and sensual intimate item that will add to your holiday. The stores are discreet and many of the big brand names offer their lingerie shopping in Dubai as part of their on line stores commitment to the cultural heritage of the region. Because this interesting city is a tourist destination, you will be able to find fashionable swimwear and tropical prints that will entice any eye on the beach as well as the more traditional color of lingerie, which are red, black and white. For something really sensual, try slipping into something in satin in a rich emerald green, or midnight blue.

Miracle Lingerie is one of the largest importers of fine lingerie into Dubai and you will be able to find a full range of items at their online stores or at some of the high-end stores in the modern shopping centers in the heart of Dubai. If you are looking for something that is a little more daring and exciting the stores of Lala Rose and Miss Lala Lingerie are available at some of the finest hotel stores and modern malls in the tourist areas of Dubai. Indeed lingerie shopping as one of the most popular things to do in Dubai, as the city is full of huge shopping malls to buy fashionable lingerie products.

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