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Damas Jewellery is definitely the biggest Dubai watches and jewellery brand of Dubai. Established by a Syrian dissident and jewellery maker, Damas is still a family firm that is doing its best to represent and to save its values for the future. Damas has an enormous variety in terms of Dubai watches, international and Damas’ own jewellery brands. In this article, we would like to represent you with a brief presentation of this huge company.
Damas is today’s biggest jewellery brand of the City of Gold. Established in the Sixties, its also one of the oldest brands of Dubai. The Dubai jewelry brand offers dozens of various styles and sorts of jewellery collections together with limited collections for special occasions such as the Eids, the Ramadan and for India’s biggest celebrations. Damas has a perfect knowledge about the market movements and puts importance on serving the growing Indian minority as well, which in number is the largest minority group of Dubai, yet with a very influential business life, which seems in Dubai, where many of the top jewellery stores are in fact Indian. Damas has re-established itself in the Ninetees in order to suit the needs of customers with different needs and wallets. This is why you tend to see three types of stores of Damas Jewellery. One is the Damas Les Exclusives, which is the top luxury store of the brand, offering a wide variety of Dubai watches and jewellery often for extreme prices. The Damas Semi-Exclusives has its attention also for those customers which although cannot spend on the limited or extra expensive collections normally, have the budget to spend a nice value of money on quality Dubai jewellery or watches. In the Damas 22K stores, there is a great choice for buying jewellery also for those, who would normally not be able to afford the highest prices of jewellery. These stores earn most of their income by selling marriage jewellery and wedding or engagement rings and bands. Damas tries its best to have something in store for everyone with every different need. Its high quality gold and diamond collections are so popular that Damas is expanding in the Middle East and in Europe, having opened its first business in London as their first European branch store.
As for their Dubai watches collections Damas offers great jewellery watches with some of the top brands and other brands that are more affordable for the masses. Their collections include the extra expensive Vacheron Constantin, the jewellery watches of Parmigiani, Chronoswiss, Pereller, and Sarcar brands, from France, Italy and Switzerland. Its Damas Dubai Watches collections include the brands of Paco Rabanne, Visetti, Varotti and other well-known European, mainly Italian brands.
Damas is a type of Dubai watches and jewellery brands that you cannot really avoid, because they are represented in the biggest shopping malls of Dubai, among other places. Damas’ Dubai watches can be viewed also in many of the top hotels and business centres of Dubai. Watch out for Damas especially during the shopping festivals that are full of discounts.

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