Jewellery Shopping Dubai

Dubai is definitely one jewellery capital of the world. The Middle Eastern city has build out a great reputation to be a hub for international and Dubai jewellery sellers and manufactures also by giving jewellery manufacturers the possibility to reside and work in Dubai, in a very special complex, which is partly a hub of workshops and partly a shopping mall for all fans of high quality jewellery. The Dubai jewellery shopping complex is called Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park came with the idea of Dubai to reinvent its old past when the Emirate gained its income by the selling of pearls and jewellery made out of pearls to Asia and to Europe. Not many know that that part of the Persian Gulf was hiding some of the best quality pearls in the world. The area of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates has given life to a first fishing then pearl-diving and merchant nation that grew big and well known this way. Although there are no pearls anymore in Dubai in their natural way and gold is mostly imported for the famous Dubai jewellery makers, Dubai has found another treasure in its area, the black gold , the oil which from then on shaped the life and the history of all nations which lived by the Persian Gulf. Dubai sees the future and is taking steps in order to ensure the same good future for its locals, even when the oil resources will be emptied out. Dubai has gone through a major reinvention, to become the biggest Middle Eastern attraction in itself, together with the role of becoming an international hub of business activities and out of these, for jewellery trading. Dubai receives the best quality gold, diamond and silver from the best quality exporters of these precious metals and gemstones. The shopping of Dubai jewellery has never given so much opportunity for tourists to buy real quality tax-free and the world’s biggest offer of jewellery can be found in Dubai. Shopping malls and shopping streets are stuffed with quality jewellery stores all around Dubai. Besides this, you can get the chance for jewellery shopping also in business centres, hotels and naturally in the International Airport of Dubai.

From the point of view of Dubai jewellery manufacturing, you can find all sorts of jewellery, from the highest carat gold and platinum to the best available jewellery for those who can’t afford to spend lots of money on jewellery. Dubai’s Gold Souk has earned international fame. Dubai jewellers recently have started expanding towards Europe as well. With Dubai Gold & Diamond Park, it’s possible for jewellers to manufacture their collections cheaply yet sell them on double, triple or even more price in Europe or in the United States. In Dubai, there are many Indian jewellery stores and many of them count as some of the best Dubai jewelleries. The complex has a growing fame and many tourists visit it, in search of quality, yet good priced jewellery.
Dubai jewellery trading has a great future in the business life of Dubai. Governed by the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre the jewellery market here is flourishing. You will not find this many jewellery shopping possibly elsewhere than in Dubai.

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