Dubai Heritage Tour

When you are in Dubai, do not miss out on the Heritage Tour of it’s East Coast. Otherwise you stand to loose an opportunity to know of the Rich Heritage of the Middle East. Go for a drive on this tour winding through the romantic desert landscape to places like Al Dhaid, Dibba, Al Bidya [...]

Dining at Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab in Dubai is another of the several wonders that you come across there. Taller than the Eiffel Tower of France, Burj Al Arab, at 321 meters, is the tallest and the only 7 star Hotel on earth. Designed in the form of a sail, it gives a feeling like the earth itself [...]

Touring Hatta

Hatta Village is an unparalleled tourist spot in Dubai. It is a place that can give you a sense of being in the past, present and the future – all at the same time. The beauty of this tour is that you will visit two entirely different kinds of places – a lush green valley [...]

Private Shopping Tour

Dubai is a heaven for shoppers, a fact well known all over the world. Tourism and shopping flourish so strongly in Dubai that they sustain the economy to a great extent, next only to what the oil wealth contributes. What Singapore was a few years back, is what Dubai is at present. You name a [...]

Seaplane Sightseeing

It is common for people to go sight-seeing by various modes in various places. Travel itself is an entertaining, refreshing and highly rejuvenating indulgence. Each mode of travel has its delights and discomforts. But, when you are in Dubai, you can enjoy an outing by a very unique travel mode. A sightseeing tour onboard a [...]

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