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Dubai Carpet Shopping

Dubai, a city of contrasts, nestling on the shores of the turquoise wares of the Arabian Gulf. A modern and cosmopolitan city that is a hub of international trade and commerce in this oil rich region of the world. In addition, a city that has strong ties to the traditions of the Middle East, both [...]

Dubai Spice Souks

The exotic aroma of spice calls you as you enter the traditional area of Dubai that is home to the Dubai spice souks. The word ‘souk’ is Arabic, for market and the souks were developed hundreds of years ago when the traders on the ships used to display and sell their wares at the harbor. [...]

Dubai Textile Souk

The traditional souks of Dubai are a fascinating experience for any traveler. A call to come and indulge yourself in the traditions of the Arab world. ‘Souk’ means ‘market’ in Arabic, and they were started when the traders on the ships that docked at the harbor used to display the treasures that they had gleaned [...]

Dubai Gold Souks

Dubai is a city that sparkles in the crown of the Middle East. A real gem to be discovered if you are planning a vacation to this region of the world. Dubai has a fine reputation as one of the best places to find some outstanding examples of gold and gold jewelry. The Dubai gold [...]

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